Kasthuri Crackers
Overall Total :
Image Product Name Actual Price Amount Quantity Total
SPARKLERS 79%discount
7cm Electric Sparkles Rs.48 (1 Box) Rs.11
7cm Colour Sparklers Rs.59 (1 Box) Rs.12
7cm Green Sparklers Rs.63 (1 Box) Rs.13
7cm Red Sparklers Rs.68 (1 Box) Rs.14
10cm Electric Sparklers Rs.72 (1 Box) Rs.14
10cm Colour Sparklers Rs.76 (1 Box) Rs.16
10cm Green Sparklers Rs.85 (1 Box) Rs.18
10cm Red Sparklers Rs.95 (1 Box) Rs.20
15cm Electric Sparkles Rs.162 (1 Box) Rs.34
15cm Colour Sparklers Rs.172 (1 Box) Rs.36
15cm Green Sparklers Rs.191 (1 Box) Rs.40
15cm Red Sparklers Rs.202 (1 Box) Rs.42
30cm Electric Sparkles Rs.162 (1 Box) Rs.34
30cm Colour Sparklers Rs.172 (1 Box) Rs.36
30cm Green Sparklers Rs.191 (1 Box) Rs.40
30cm Red Sparklers Rs.202 (1 Box) Rs.42
50cm Electric Sparkles Rs.738 (1 Box) Rs.155
50cm Colour Sparklers Rs.857 (1 Box) Rs.180
FLOWER POTS 79%discount
Flower Pots Small Rs.190 (1 Box) Rs.40
Flower Pots Big Rs.286 (1 Box) Rs.60
Flower Pots Special Rs.405 (1 Box) Rs.85
Flower Pots Asoka Rs.619 (1 Box) Rs.130
Flower Pots Deluxe Rs.643 (1 Box) Rs.135
Flower Pots Super Deluxe Rs.405 (1 Box) Rs.85
Flower Pots Green Rs.890 (1 Box) Rs.187
Colour koti Rs.905 (1 Box) Rs.190
Tri colour Rs.1290 (1 Box) Rs.270
Mega Colour Koti DLX Rs.1690 (1 Box) Rs.355
TWINKLING STAR 79%discount
1 1/2 "Twinkling star (10pcs) Rs.190 (1 Box) Rs.40
4" Twinkling Star (10pcs) Rs.380 (1 Box) Rs.80
ROCKET 79%discount
Baby Rocket Rs.225 (1 Box) Rs.47
Rocket Bomb Rs.240 (1 Box) Rs.50
Lunik Rocket Rs.490 (1 Box) Rs.103
2 Sound Rocket Rs.680 (1 Box) Rs.143
Whistling Rocket Rs.650 (1 Box) Rs.136
SOUND CRACKERS 79%discount
4" Lakshmi Rs.81 (1 Box) Rs.17
4" lakshmi Super Deluxe Rs.143 (1 Box) Rs.30
4" Gold Lakshmi Rs.143 (1 Box) Rs.30
3 1/2" Lakshmi Rs.57 (1 Box) Rs.12
2 3/4" Kuruvi Rs.43 (1 Box) Rs.9
Bahubali Rs.160 (1 Box) Rs.33
Jalikattu Rs.190 (1 Box) Rs.40
2 Sound Rs.119 (1 Box) Rs.25
BOMBS 79%discount
Bullet Bomb Rs.190 (1 Box) Rs.40
Hydro Bomb (AK 07) Rs.238 (1 Box) Rs.50
King of King (AK 27) Rs.334 (1 Box) Rs.70
Classic Bomb (AK 37) Rs.430 (1 Box) Rs.90
AK 47 (5 Pcs) Rs.470 (1 Box) Rs.100
Digital Bomb (10 Pcs) Rs.790 (1 Box) Rs.166
24 Deluxe Crackers Rs.238 (1 Box) Rs.50
50 Deluxe Crackers Rs.357 (1 Box) Rs.74
100 Deluxe Crackers Rs.810 (1 Box) Rs.170
GARLANDS 79 %discount
200 Wala Garlands Rs.334 (1 Box) Rs.70
300 Wala Garlands Rs.524 (1 Box) Rs.110
600 Wala Garlands Rs.809 (1 Box) Rs.169
1000 Wala Garlands (Full Count) Rs.1239 (1 Box) Rs.260
2000 Wala Garlands (Full Count) Rs.2478 (1 Box) Rs.520
5000 Wala Garlands (Full Count) Rs.5238 (1 Box) Rs.1100
10000 Wala Galands (Full Count) Rs.11429 (1 Box) Rs.2400
100 Wala Garlands Rs.167 (1 Box) Rs.35
Sunlight, Moon, Silver (5pcs) Rs.480 (1 Box) Rs.100
Siren Maga music (2 pcs) Rs.1090 (1 Box) Rs.230
Tower pots 1pcs shower with fancy Rs.1200 (1 Box) Rs.252
Flies Multi Colour Butterfly (10 pcs) Rs.390 (1 Box) Rs.82
BumBum (multi colour spinner) (10 pcs) Rs.770 (1 Box) Rs.161
4x4 Rain Wheel (5pcs) Rs.690 (1 Box) Rs.150
Water Falls ( queen) Rs.790 (1 Box) Rs.166
Drone (5 Pcs) Rs.680 (1 Box) Rs.143
Photo Flash (5pcs) Rs.390 (1 Box) Rs.82
Sky city w (5pcs) Rs.630 (1 Box) Rs.132
Twist Candles (3 Pcs) Rs.1300 (1 Box) Rs.273
Red,Green,Coco fountain (1pcs) Rs.590 (1 Box) Rs.124
Panda,Monkey Fountain (1pcs) Rs.690 (1 Box) Rs.150
Selfish stick (5pcs) Rs.790 (1 Box) Rs.166
Helicopter (5pcs) Rs.400 (1 Box) Rs.84
Roll Cap Rs.360 (1 Box) Rs.75
Big SNAKE TABLET (10 Box) Rs.190 (1 Box) Rs.40
SNAKE TABLET (10 Pcs) Rs.95 (1 Box) Rs.20
28 Chorsa Crackers Rs.64 (1 Box) Rs.13
28 Graint Crackers Rs.104 (1 Box) Rs.22
56 Graint Crackers Rs.210 (1 Box) Rs.44
Gold Bijili Rs.230 (1 Box) Rs.48
Stripped Bijili Rs.240 (1 Box) Rs.50
NIGHT ATTRACTI 79% discount
Chotta fancy (1pcs) Rs.167 (1 Box) Rs.35
Disco shower Colour Carnival (5pcs) Rs.460 (1 Box) Rs.96.6
Mayuri Feather (5pcs) Rs.590 (1 Box) Rs.124
Magic Show (2pcs) Rs.1691 (1 Box) Rs.355
Siren Torch (Krishna) (3pcs) Rs.990 (1 Box) Rs.208
Color Smoke (3pcs) Rs.1096 (1 Box) Rs.230
6000 cracking fountain (1pcs) Rs.575 (1 Box) Rs.120
Tweet fountain (1pcs) Rs.575 (1 Box) Rs.120
Popping cracking fountain (1pcs) Rs.575 (1 Box) Rs.120
Golden Peacock (1pcs) Rs.575 (1 Box) Rs.120
Bada Fowl mega peacock Fountain (1pcs) Rs.1999 (1 Box) Rs.420
HOT SHOW multi colour 5pcs Rs.900 (1 Box) Rs.189
Paper Bomb
1/2 kg paper Bomb (1pcs) Rs.240 (1 Box) Rs.50.4
1 kg paper Bomb (1pcs) Rs.400 (1 Box) Rs.84
Old is Gold Rs.724 (1 Box) Rs.152
Sivakasi Special Rs.790 (1 Box) Rs.165
Top Gun Rs.990 (1 Box) Rs.208
Money Bank Rs.380 (1 Box) Rs.80
Water Falls Rs.690 (1 Box) Rs.150
Electric Stone, Zee Boom Eta Rs.55 (1 Box) Rs.12
Crackling Kit Kat Rs.109 (1 Box) Rs.23
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* Minimum Order Value Must Be Rs.3000